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USDA OrganicWe started Petya pet products out of a desire to launch a pet product company to offer a sustainable alternative to conventional protein sources that is SAFE, organic, high quality, healthy and delicious! Our quest to find this alternative source has brought us to the world of insects! Yes, we have gone back to the roots of human and animal ancestors to find the simple answer – incorporate the sustainable insect back into the diets of our companion animals. We are pleased to offer our amazingly delicious (yes, we eat them too) and sustainable cricket flour treats for your companion.

Crickets Power

Health Benefits

Healthy Sustainable Delicious


Chemical Free


Pesticide Free


Antibiotic Free


Natural Protein

At Petya, we believe that offering insect protein based pet treats for companions is one way to help contribute to a sustainable environment.

As opportunistic eaters, the ancestors of today’s companion animals have long sought out insects as part of their diet. Today’s domesticated dog might not go on a self-guided cricket hunt because she doesn’t have to with her ever providing human. However, if we gave her the opportunity to self-provide, we might find her foraging around the garden in search of easy prey such as a cricket or meal worm! Crickets and other insect proteins are incredibly nutritious. Take a look to see just how crickets stack up:


Yes, the health benefits are astounding, but even more astounding is the MINIMAL impact that crickets have on our ever so delicate environment. We as a population must find creative new ways to feed and sustain the world, both human and animal, while lessening the impact on our planet. Conventional animal proteins are just NOT sustainable. The animal industry puts a tremendous strain on our environment and resources. Insect farming changes the game. Crickets produce 100x less greenhouse gas than their cow counterparts. Crickets use only 1 gallon of water compared to cows that need 2,000 gallons. Crickets are simply sustainable.

Water Consumption in Gallons

  • Crickets — 1 Gallon .05%
  • Chicken — 567 Gallons 28%
  • Pork — 800 Gallons 40%
  • Cows — 2,000 gallons 100%

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